Bannock County Sr. Administrative Assistant - Deputy Clerk - Juvenile Courts in Pocatello, Idaho

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Bannock County is hiring a Sr. Administrative Assistant - Deputy Clerk for Juvenile Court.This is a full time position with Bannock County Benefits.Purpose of Class:Performs legal, secretarial, clerical and customer service duties to provide administrative support to Magistrate and District Court; performs related work as required. Primary Function:This position performs complex and highly responsible legal, secretarial, clerical, and customer service duties to manage all civil and criminal filings and collection of all fines, costs, restitution and fees for the Magistrate and District Court. The primary function of this job is to receive and process a variety of paperwork associated with the Courts functions. Attention to detail and accuracy of data is extremely important in this job. Duties include processing all civil filings, entering data into ISTARS, determining fines, fees and bond amounts, collecting and balancing monies, preparing warrants and other legal documents, receiving and posting bonds and performing a variety of administrative support duties for the Courts. Work is conducted under the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedures, Court Rules, Criminal Rules, Supreme Court Rules, Administrative Court Rules and Idaho State Code. Customer contact is frequent with the public, attorneys, Judges, other court personnel, law enforcement personnel and various State departments. The work is performed under the supervision of the Court Manager. The principal duties of this class are performed in a general office environment.Essential Duties and Responsibilities (will vary by assignment):Receives and processes civil filings and case files; determines the jurisdiction of the case, type of case and required filing fees;Establishes amount due and accepts payments for bonds, fines, fees, restitution, and other reimbursements and balances payments received; maintains individual cash drawer;Monitors cases and paperwork flow for appropriate time frames, processing and follow-up;Records criminal charges and other information into ISTARS for processing including misdemeanor citations, infraction citations and felony complaints;Receives and files paperwork in civil and criminal cases; determines action to be taken;Prepares criminal and civil warrants; obtains Judge's signature, enters into ISTARS and distributes to proper law enforcement agency or other appropriate organization;Processes default paperwork on unpaid infraction charges;Contacts and obtains an evaluator/mediator for certain cases; prepares and processes related paperwork;Files and assigns case numbers on petitions; issues writs of execution; verifies absence of outstanding writs; collects and receipts fees, processes returned and interim writs; distributes writs for garnishment;Receives and processes domestic violence protection orders, local and foreign;Takes pleas of not guilty and guilty on payable misdemeanor charges; prepares and processes associated paperwork;Provides information to customers on court proceedings, status of cases, associated penalties, and other related information; Prepares clerk records for appeals including preparation of copies, indexing, page numbering, preparing exhibits and exhibit lists;Receives and posts bonds on civil and criminal cases;Receives and disburses monies for restitution to victims;Receives and processes request for relief for withheld judgments;Provides background and criminal checks to the public and other courts;Answers phone calls and responds to questions; provides information regarding payment of citations, license suspension, license reinstatements, court hearings, process for filing small claims, filing civil complaints, how to enter pleas and other information, without giving legal advice;Creates, types and proofs letters to attorneys and non- represented parties regarding case filings and filing fees;Coordinates with state Department of Transportation (DOT) on license suspensions, renewals, modified judgments, and related issues; Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with County and Court policies, procedures and safety practices. Other Duties and Responsibilities:Provides the Bureau of Criminal Identification of any change from the original judgment in a criminal case;Provides reports to the credit bureau on civil judgments;Performs other related duties as required. Competency Requirements:Knowledge of:Court and judicial system operations, processes, procedures, protocols, terminology, and policies; Applicable federal, state, and local Court codes and standards;Legal documents, civil filing fee schedule, misdemeanor bond schedule, infraction penalty schedule, procedures of the Idaho Department of Transportation as related to job functions, Idaho Supreme Court Clerks Manual, WestKM and/or other applicable search programs, ISTARS system, SPILLMAN jail computer system;Customer service procedures, techniques, and objectives;Operation of standard and specialized office equipment;Operation of a personal computer and job-related software;Preparation and maintenance of records, files, reports, court calendars, and schedules;Basic cash ha